Solar Interest offers you the option to design your own system using the same software the Energy Professionals use. Or you can just call us and we will be more than happy to do it for you. No more high pressure Solar Salesman at your kitchen table talking you into a financial obligation. When your tired of paying those high utility bills then you are ready to be energy independent, your time to chose.. 

  Our simple easy step-by-step process walks you to energy independence.  So stop throwing money away to the utility companies. They have enough money, save and invest in your families future. Solar Energy is an investment vehicle that has amazing returns with immediate equity to your home from the day of installation. In most cases your system is paid for in a few short years when tax credits are applied. Once paid for you now are free from large utility companies charging you when and how much they want. 

       So stop renting your energy and own it today!


  So don't worry, our Energy Specialist are on stand by to help assist you at anytime you have questions or concerns. We are here to help & walk you through the process- (833) 627-9276   Once you have completed the sizing form, our Energy Specialist will review & verify with a certified engineering stamp. 

 Once you have completed the design process its time to chose one of our NABSEP Certified Solar Installation Teams. Its that easy 

  Keep in mind Solar Energy has and is becoming more & more affordable. Just in the past five years solar has dropped 47%.

 The truth is that Solar Companies expect you, to not know how the process works. So they can charge you what they want. Solar is simply an energy appliance and should be priced as such. 

                                                  Its Easy and only takes a few minutes 

                                                         Start now by clicking below-